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Auraist selects the best-written books from prize shortlists and major reviews, and interview the prose experts who wrote them.
‘I like very much what you are doing. I’ve been giving out about the same problem for years.’ - Paul Lynch, Booker-shortlisted 2023 for Prophet Song.

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Booker Prize Winner Paul Lynch's Novel Interview on the Language of...

Author Paul Lynch, whose Prophet Song won the Booker Prize for fiction on Sunday evening ,  has described how the authoritarian horrors in his... read more

27.11.2023 • By Auraist

‘A 300-page panic attack’: Booker Prize Favourite Paul Lynch’s Novel...

Booker Prize frontrunner Paul Lynch has described how the authoritarian horrors in his lauded novel Prophet Song emerged from the... read more

24.11.2023 • By Auraist